The benefits of a tutor

If you’re attending college online, chances are that there is a section of the student web site that offers tutoring. Take advantage of this service! It’s usually included in your tuition, so there’s absolutely no reason not to use it.

Most of us have trouble in one class or another, the problems for many people being in math. Me included! I hate math. Somehow, I failed geometry 3 times before college. No re-takes. I had the class 3 times at 3 different schools and failed all 3 times. Bummer!

My college math classes were much better, though. I got B’s in both college math classes! I was amazed. And how did I do so well? By taking advantage of the free tutoring services offered through my online college.

That and extra hours studying. I refused to turn anything in until I felt like it was perfect, save for a couple of instances.

So how can a tutor help you? The most obvious answer is also the most helpful: feedback! Yes, your instructor is supposed to give you feedback on your assignments. But what if you could get feedback before turning it in? What if you could get feedback and use it to make your grade as well as your understanding better?

Tutoring brings this possibility to life. My recommendation to use a tutor goes into overdrive for students who have an instructor they can’t understand for some reason, or an instructor who is not liberal with their feedback.

If you’re attending college on campus, you can purchase an online tutor pretty easily. Tutors cost money, but at the same time, if you need the help, your grades are worth it.

Online tutors are probably the most resource-efficient types of tutors to hire or get in touch with. Online tutors are usually available, they don’t charge as much, and they are good at what they do.

There are a lot of different tutoring companies out there who offer online tutors, so here is a basic rule to follow when shopping around for an online tutor if you don’t get the service through your college: NO ONE works for free. Anytime you find a service online, you run the risk of it being a scam, so it’s good to know what to look for and always read the fine print. As someone who offers services online, I can tell you from an independent contractor’s point of view that working for free is not an option.

As far as reliable and legitimate tutoring services go, a lot of colleges are providing tutoring services either in person or online that would be the most reliable and know exactly what your college prefers. If for some reason your college doesn’t provide tutoring services, some of the best online tutoring services can be found through tutoring service web sites.

And many more. For the best results, figure out exactly what you need or want in an online tutor and shop around a little bit. Make sure you feel that the service you’re getting is worth the cost, the tutor you hire is someone you can get along with and work with, and that you and your tutor understand each other!

If the tutoring service isn’t helping you in the way that you need it to, don’t be afraid to ask for a new tutor or go with another service. Most online degree programs allow you to utilize a tutoring service they’ve specifically chosen free of any extra charge, which is a huge advantage to going to college online. However, if you just need a tutor even though you’re attending in class, make sure you know if you want to have a tutor who comes to see you or you’re okay with a tutor you don’t speak to face-to-face.