Cause and Effect Essay: Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity problems and solutions

For loving parents is a measure of the health of their child? Right, good appetite. Halloo to one another is difficult postwar childhood of our grandmothers. In the difficult postwar years of food and calories really needed a lot. But since it took half a century, conditions of life have changed. Today’s children don’t have from dawn to dusk to plow in the garden, go for miles on foot to get to school. But they all day sitting at a Desk first, then the lessons, then at the computer. Proceed the essay on childhood obesity if you are interested in topic.

Before the onset of the XXI century was not today’s high-calorie and cheap fast food. It is naive to think that children only get it in fast food restaurants. Many families have not prepared food buy foods, stuffed with flavor enhancers, which only serve to inflame the appetite.

Obesity causes and effects

By the way, school meals, which parents love to blame all the sins, maybe not always delicious, but by its usefulness balanced. And the harm to children affects school Lunches, but what our children instead of buying them hamburgers, chips and soda.

Fast food is one of the main reasons for virtual hub is one of the main causes of obesity. “The only country which has reduced the incidence of obesity among adolescents is France. The French have launched a special state program. In the framework eliminated all school vending machines with chips and soda. But most importantly have for Teens and parents educational classes on food culture. Students were regularly examined by a doctor, worked with them psychologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists”.

Thus, in 3 years the number of incidents of obesity in France has decreased. But are you ready for our parents to such drastic measures? Something tells me our grandmother will not allow their Pets “starved”.

During the regular clinical examinations of schoolchildren all children who have found overweight or obesity, has offered to come again with parents. Alas, this visit has made only 20% of parents with children the rest of the problem was ignored. Someone thought that with age, the baby will stretch myself thin.

Someone extra pounds of their child simply does not notice. As a result, in most cases to an endocrinologist teenager gets when his weight is over 100 kg! While his medical history is literally full of doctors, but parents are firmly convinced that the child eats little, moves a lot once a week goes to the sports section, but somehow swollen. Probably something to do with hormones.

Solution for child obesity

If the child is involved in sports, the simple definition of body mass for him will not work, higher figures may be due to muscle mass. This method is not suitable and children with deficiency of growth. Then, weight is determined by the thickness of the folds.

Now there is new research that can identify the percentage ratio of muscle, fat and bone tissue. The child gets up on the device, resembling scales, inserted his height, weight, and the apparatus produces an accurate result.

Don’t want your child fat and sick? Easy solution to child obesity: clear fried potatoes, chips, sausage, burgers and soda. And need daily exercise for at least an hour a day.