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Welcome to the NSBE Houston Space Chapter!

Empowering the Black Space Professional


Please be aware we have migrated to a new website as part of the NSBE Alumni Extension name change to NSBE Professionals. Please visit the new website at http://www.nsbe-hsp.org. This site will remain accessible until its domain expires but will no longer be updated.

Based at Johnson Space Center and composed of NASA civil servants and contractors, the Houston Space Chapter was established in April of 2003.  We are excited about the work we do with the nation's space program and we wish to share the excitement of space with the Black community and with the world at large.  Please take this opportunity to browse our website and explore NSBE-HSC.


Upcoming Events

IDP Preparation Meeting

February 14, 2013

Building 35, White Room (100/102)

10:00am - 11:00am


NSBE Open House / February Technical Interchange Meeting

February 14, 2013

Building 35, White Room (100/102)

11:00am - 1:30pm


NSBE National Convention

March 27-31, 2013

Indianapolis, IN


NSBE Space Leadership Retreat

May 21-23, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Chapter Meeting Focus

This year our focus is innovation and opportunity. We want to serve as the facilitator to help make your dreams become reality! Whether you are seeking to branch out and start your own aerospace business, or are seeking to build a collaboration between your office and other organizations, NSBE-HSC holds the keys to unlocking your passion. Join with us and meet other like minded space professionals, both locally and throughout the NSBE network.

Chapter Meeting Format

All chapter meetings are held 2nd Thursday of the month at 11:30 am in Building 1. Specific conference room assignments may change from month to month but will typically be 615F or 620.

1st month of NSBE Quarter: Chapter Business Meeting

2nd month of NSBE Quarter: Chapter Professional Development Meeting

3rd month of NSBE Quarter: Chapter Technology Interchange Meeting

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Mailing Address:

NSBE - Houston Space Chapter

PO Box 58494

Houston, TX  77258




If something looks a bit difficult, go ahead and do it anyway.

- Dr. Ronald McNair

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